Church Leadership

the power of lifeteams
jayne poli + Hannah Bechtel + Ben Hoar + Connor Ketterling

Our team loves to dream big about our weekend services and events. Starting with a concept and a creative board, there are some strategies we’ve adopted for tackling both the big picture and the small details to create inspirational and intentional services every time.Our team loves to dream big about our weekend services. Starting with a concept and a creative board, there are some strategies we’ve adopted for tackling both the big picture and the small details to create inspirational and intentional services every weekend.


A Dream and a Team
Justyn Smith

Great kids’ ministries don’t happen overnight. They are developed over time while building a great time. We will discuss how to build your dream team to develop the most effective kids’ ministry for your church.

Creative Kidmin
Monica Morgan & Aaron Strawn

As a kids ministry leader or volunteer, we are always looking for creative ways to communicate the life-giving gospel message.  Creativity comes naturally to some and may be a struggle for others.  Come and we’ll tap into your creativity in this interactive, hands-on, and practical session.

Connecting and Equipping Parents
Aaron Cole & Carter Teply

Reaching kids is about reaching families. We’ll explore why you need to partner with parents and how you can best empower them as they lead their family. We’ll be sharing stories rich with practical and creative examples that will inspire you to reach families and set them up for the win!

Meet Generation Z
Terry Parkman

If you’re talking about how to reach Millennials in your ministry, it’s too late. In this app session we will discuss defining qualities of Generation Z, how they are already affecting ministry, and practical steps for shaping your ministry to reach this upcoming generation.

Next Level Internships
Terry Parkman

Having a well thought out and intentional internship program can help you not only build a competent pipeline for future staff but also effectively equip the next generation of leaders. In this app session, we will discuss how to create a sustainable and viable internship program.

A New approach to discipleship
sam grosso & Gabi o'rourke

Successful small groups are the unofficial Holy Grail of church ministry, but many small groups spend less time on discipleship and more time on relationship. This app session is built to help you take a fresh look at recreating your small group approach for the next generation.

Church Growth

Multisite Overview
Darin Poli & Brandon Liebe

Every multi-site approach has differences, but regardless of the model, there are some common principles that all campuses must do in order to succeed. In this breakout, we will unpack our multi-site playbook and share practical tools for leading a thriving multi-site church.

River Valley Leadership
Q & A
Darin Poli

We will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we’ve built a healthy and visionary culture at River Valley. Topics include: elder and deacon roles, staff and leadership structures, and our financial models.

Unlocking Growth Through Front Line Leaders
Chris Bechtel

Growing churches are built on finding great lay leaders. So how do you determine if someone is primed and ready for the next level of leadership? In this breakout, we’ll share the characteristics we look for as well as our process for inspiring, developing, and mobilizing lay leaders.

Leading High Performance Teams
Chris Book

What attracts exceptional, high-performance leaders to your team? Better yet, what makes them want to stay? We will share what we’ve learned about creating a healthy and productive staff culture through an empowering and vision-driven approach.

The Secret to Realizing a Vision
Don Champion

Have you ever had a great vision and wondered, How do I make this happen? We will walk you through the nuts and bolts of how setting, measuring, and celebrating goals is the key to making our visions a reality both personally and organizationally.

Dynamic Leadership
Anthony Richards

How do we as leaders leverage the power of the Holy Spirit and call out spiritual gifts in our churches? We will share dynamic, spirit-focused principles we’ve learned so that you can take your church to the next level through the power and gifts of the Spirit.

Creating a Culture of Serving
Kirk Graham & Clynt Reddy

Every week, incredible people show up at all of our campuses to create the environments that impact lives. In this breakout, we’ll explore how to create the best possible serving culture that not only equips volunteers, but also fuels their passion to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Heart is global
Justin Mack

We’ll provide a practical plan for integrating global missions into every area of your church. Topics include: missions as a giving engine, mobilizing short-term teams, and sending out, identifying, and supporting long-term missionaries.